Piggyvest Review: How To Save And Make Money On Piggyvest

There are sometimes you will need money and you don’t have money or you are the type that don’t save. I will introduce you to a safe platform were you can earn daily, weekly, or monthly.
Piggyvest is the name of the platform. This is not a new platform for savings and investing.
Based on my research, I will make a full review on Piggyvest and how to use it. Some people are comparing Piggyvest with NNU. I will clear your doubts today in this post.

What is Piggyvest?

Piggyvest is an online savings platform which provides an opportunity for people to save money in different ways and an opportunity for people to earn via the Piggyvest referral program, interest payment and Piggy Points.

I remember those days when all married women in our street use to contribute money for Party and for Ceremonies. You know women like party and also do like to attend ceremony. Including my mother, every married woman in our street do contribute money but there was a day when the person they were contributing money for run away. My mother that has contributed more than 30000 Naira was very angry and also some married women in our street. All the married women fight against themselves because some people insist to collect their money, but no way to provide their money. Because if we are to calculate all the married women money, it’s over 200000 Naira, which their group leader can’t afford to pay back.

Piggyvest is not like that, It better to save your money with Piggyvest than to one man or woman in your street. If you save with Piggyvest, you will get 10% interest when you want to cash out.

It allows people to save as little as N100 everyday via Paystack and then restrict when they can withdraw their earnings between 10 to 1000 days. You can also save part of your salary as soon as you get it on Piggy bank ng with the Quick Save Feature and get 10% interest on it when you’re ready to withdraw it.

Piggyvest is formerly known as Piggybank. There are available since 2016. It’s a safe platform for savings and investing.

Piggyvest Founders

Piggyvest was founded by Somto Ifezue, Odunayo Eweniyi and Joshua Chibueze who met at covenant university, Nigeria in 2016. After working on different startups and businesses for almost eight years, the trio decided to cater to the very important but neglected saving needs of Nigerians and Africans.

Since you know the founder of Piggyvest, let’s talk about how legit is Piggyvest.

Is Piggyvest Safe? Is Piggyvest Legit?

The frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the internet is;

  1. How legit is Piggyvest?
  2. How safe is Piggyvest? 
  3. Is Piggyvest Paying for real?

Well, based on my research on the internet as well as personal experience with Piggyvest Nigeria, I have come to the conclusion that PiggyVest is safe. After all, the savings platform has been available since 2016 which is three years ago, and we’ve never heard that someone’s money went missing or was stolen on Piggyvest, Nigeria.

Here Are Some Other Reasons Why Piggyvest Is Legit And Safe

  • Piggyvest is a registered product under PiggTech Global Limited
  • They own a Gold Microfinance Bank Limited Licensed by the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)
  • They have a physical office address in  Lagos Nigeria at No. 16, Boyle Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • All saved funds are warehoused with and managed by AIICO Capital, the leading asset management company in Nigeria, registered and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which is extremely safe and guaranteed. A portion of the proceeds is then passed on to users as interests on their savings.
  • There is also the fact that I have a friend that has been making money with Piggyvest referral program.

How To Save Money With Piggyvest

To save money with Piggyvest is simple as ABC. Let’s says you have 30,000 Naira in your bank and you wished to save with Piggyvest. If you wished, you can transfer 10,000 Naira to your Piggyvest account and you will get interest when you want to withdraw.

Why Piggyvest Is Important Than Your Bank

We all know if you have more than 1,000,000 Naira in your bank, your bank can’t add to your money. Piggyvest will give you interest when you save money with them and you can earn with their referral program. You will get 10% on your savings when you want to withdraw.

Piggyvest Features To Help You Save Money

  • Autosave

If you want to preserve the culture of saving daily, weekly or monthly, Piggyvest has an auto save feature that allows you to set auto-debits from your bank account to your Piggyvest saving accounts daily, weekly or monthly.

In other words, if you want to save N2000 weekly, you can set a time, say Friday by 8am for Piggyvest to add N2000 to your online Piggyvest wallet which means by the end of the month, you would have saved N8000 and by the end of the year you would have saved N96000 minus the interests that would also accumulate

  • Core Savings/Piggyvest Savings

With core savings, you can save any amount of money let’s say N5000 and choose the number of days you want to keep the money in your account.

To teach you discipline, once you’ve saved money for a month and set the day of your withdrawal as let’s say May 1, 2019, withdrawing before May 1 will cost you 5% of the money you’re withdrawing. Which means if you saved N5000 till May 1, if you attempt to withdraw your 5000 naira in March, you will forfeit N250.

  • SafeLock

Safelock is an investment program which allows you to earn up to 13% per annum paid up front. With Piggyvest Safelock, you transfer funds from your Piggyvest balance for a minimum 90 days and above. The money transferred to your Safelock sub account will be unavailable to you till the end of the days you’ve chosen.

This means that if you decide to keep N50,000 in safelock for 90 days, you can’t touch it till the 90 days are over.

Also, you can have more than one Safelock savings and you can also label them for different purposes like (School fees, Wedding party, etc.) and the minimum amount you can safelock is 1000 naira.

  • Target Savings/Group Savings

Target savings is suitable for short-term savings. You can create a personal target or even a group savings challenge where once you meet 70% of your target at the withdrawal date you have set, you can withdraw the money to your PiggyFlex account and withdraw it to your bank account afterwards.

If you’re wondering what a PiggyFlex account is. It is the sub-account where your interest earnings are paid to. It is also an account from which you withdraw directly to your bank.

How To Sign Up Or Register On Piggyvest

  • Click on my referral link here
  • It will redirect you to Piggyvest website, click on Create Account.
  • Now Enter your Full Name (First and Last Name), Phone number, Email and your password.

You have successfully completed your registration on Piggyvest. It’s time to save or refer.

How To Get Your Referral Link

Getting your referral link is easy to do on Piggyvest app. Download Piggyvest app on Playstore by clicking here. Download the iOS app here.

  • Now, tap on Account.
  • Scroll down and tap on Refer & Earn N1,000.00
  • Then copy your referral link from there.
    Piggyvest Review: How To Save And Make Money On Piggyvest

How To Pay 100 Naira On Piggyvest To Get Your 1,000 Naira

When you sign up with my referral link, you won’t get your referral bonus. You will have to deposit the minimum of 100 Naira to be able to get your 1,000 and start your earnings journey with Piggyvest. As we know, Piggyvest is not a referral program, they only have the option. Piggyvest is a savings and investing platform, so for this reason you must deposit 100 Naira as your savings to be able to get 1,000 referral bonus.

After signing up on Piggyvest, you will have 10 days to clear your 100 Naira. If you don’t clear the debit, you will loose your 1,000 Naira referral bonus.

The 100 Naira will be reversed to your Piggyvest account which you will get 1,100 Naira. They won’t take your 100 Naira, it’s your savings.

  • Click on  Account and tap on My Card and Bank Settings
  • Tap on Debit Cards
  • Enter your ATM card details to deposit 100 Naira for your savings journey.

How To Solve The Problem Of Piggyvest Rejecting Your ATM Card

Piggyvest Android app seems that it accepted only MasterCard. But here is a tips to solve the issue.
Don’t bother yourself, just login to your Piggyvest from any mobile browser on your phone.

  • Now, tap on the menu at the left and click on My Account/Settings
  • Tap on My Debit/ATM Cards
  • Tap on +Add New Card
  • Then add your ATM details.

The 100 Naira will be deposit from your bank and it will be added to your Piggyvest account. The 100 Naira fee is to ensure that your card is valid. But it will be reversed to your Piggyvest account.


Piggyvest is safe and legit platform, start your savings journey today and get 10% interest when you wished to withdraw.
I have been making some cool free money

Drop your comments here and I will be happy to clear your doubts. Please share to reach more people, let your friends and family benefits from Piggyvest.

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