Do you know that with Opera Mini browser you can transfer images, videos and audio files offline with a nearby devices at super-high speeds?

    With the new, fast and secure offline file sharing in Opera Mini.
    Opera Mini file sharing feature has the best offline fast file transfer speeds of 300MB/s, which makes it the faster offline file sharing.

    How Opera Mini Offline File Sharing Works?

    It works by connecting Wi-Fi with nearby devices. To send or receive files, go to File Sharing in the menu and choose Send or Receive.
     Opera Mini will display a QR code for the nearby device to scan, connecting the devices.
     Once a file is successfully transferred, the sender will be notified and the receiver will be able to access the file in the Received tab shown in Opera Mini.

    With this new improvement, we believe Opera will continue in giving their users the best experience on the Web.
    Previously, Opera has enable their users to use less data while browsing with the Data Saver option.
    Opera are working tirelessly to make sure that their users get the best experience when browsing.

     If you don’t have Opera Mini android app, Download it here.

     Start sharing your file today with Opera Mini latest Offline File Sharing.

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