Mozilla recently announced that its Firefox Private Network – FPN, that enable you to encrypt your Firefox connection, is now in an extended beta after a few months of relatively limited testing in the Firefox Test Pilot program.

Actually, this extension is only available to users in USA and the free service is restricted to 12 hours of encrypted surfing Firefox desktop version. You will also need a Firefox account to use the extension.

Mozilla is also working on a more VPN service that will encrypt all your internet surfing and app usage across your window 10. It’s definitely know that the company cannot give out the offer free.

Private network Mozilla

The introductory Price will be $4.99 per month. Those prices will likely change as Mozilla learns that users are willing to pay.

A new feature is also added called Picture-in-Picture.

Mozilla Firefox private network

what’s Picture-in-Picture?

Picture-in-Picture enable you on desktop to watch video even if you switched to another tab or outside the Firefox browser.

Just hover your mouse on the video to see the option. if you can’t find that option, update your desktop browser which is the Firefox.

Recently, the Picture-in-Picture feature will be available for Window OS, MacOS and Linux in Mozilla next browser release in January 2020.

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