WhatsApp is planning to roll out another fantastic feature. What’s the feature and how it works? This new feature can be called message auto delete in group.

WhatsApp has announced before that the feature will be Disappearing Message, but it now rename to Delete Messages. This feature will enable you to set a duration for a message to stay in a group before it disappear.

According to wabetainfo, WhatsApp is going to add the feature in the next update.

Check back on the fingerprint WhatsApp feature and the contact backlist feature as well.

About The Delete Messages New WhatsApp Expected Feature

This new feature can only be used in a group. Admin can turn off/on the feature in a group if they want.

This feature is just like timer, you will set a time for your message, your message will auto disappear after the time you set.

This feature is good and fantastic. This new feature is compatible with Dark theme that’s under development.

We’re hoping WhatsApp will release this feature soon. Actually, the feature is to be called Delete Messages.

Note that this feature is not yet released, it’s under development but it will be released soon.

source: Wabetainfo.com

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