Great news, WhatsApp as finally add this feature of Group Privacy for its Android and iOS users.
This feature will make you decide if you can be added to any group on WhatsApp or not.

I have announced this before in my blog post that WhatsApp is developing a new feature called Group Privacy.
Now, here is the new feature. This new feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo reports that this new feature is being added in iOS beta version and Android beta version 2.19.298 remotely without any other store updates.

How To Activate WhatsApp Group Privacy Settings

  • Open Your WhatsApp app
  • Click on the three dots at the top right. 
  • Click on Settings and also Accounts
  • Tap on Privacy and also click on Groups

You will see three options which are Everyone, My Contacts and My Contacts Except.

Everyone: This means that everyone on WhatsApp can add you to any group. Even if the person is not in your contacts list, the person can add you to any group.

My Contacts: Even without explaining this, you should be acquainted that choosing My contacts means only the people on your contact list can add you to WhatsApp.

My Contact Except: Only people on your contact list can add you to any WhatsApp group except the number you backlist. That number you backlist won’t be able to add you to WhatsApp group. 

I hope you enjoy this new features on WhatsApp. Please share for more info like this.

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