Are you having issues with your Android phone that automatically updates all apps on your phone? Playstore is normally set to auto apps updates. This means, every apps on your phone that is outdated will be updated.

Sometimes you want to browse the internet with little data. Let’s says, you’re the type that can’t afford huge data plan, but Playstore will still updates those apps on your phone even with your little data balance.

How To Stop Google Playstore From Automatic Apps Updates

  • Open Google Playstore on your smartphone
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Auto-Updates Apps 
  • Select Don’t Auto-Updates App From The Options that will appear. 

Henceforth, every apps on your smartphone won’t automatic updates it self because we have just turned off the Auto-Updates Apps.

In case of those that will like to updates their Android phone apps manually. Follow my guides of how to updates your Android apps on Google Playstore manually.

How To Updates Your Android Apps On Google Playstore Manually

  • Click on My Apps & Games. 
  • You will see a dashboard where your Android phone apps can be updated manually. 

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