Today, I will explain how to unban or unlock your number on WhatsApp. Due to some people’s complaints about WhatsApp banned their phone number from using the WhatsApp messaging app, I will guide you on how to recover your account.

Note that there are some certain reasons why WhatsApp banned your number. I will guide you today on how to unban your number on WhatsApp and the reasons why you are banned.

I have been banned on WhatsApp before, but I contacted them and my phone number was unlocked. You should be acquainted that there are two types of locks on WhatsApp;

Temporary Ban: This is a warning from WhatsApp, and it may lead to permanent lock if you didn’t comply with their rules. In most cases, WhatsApp themselves will unlock the account after a few days.

Permanent Ban: This means you have violated their rules and regulations and it’s not that easy to unlock.

There are several reasons why you were banned on WhatsApp. Actually, using GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp mod version of WhatsApp is against their Terms of service.

WhatsApp has been working hard to stop everyone using their forked app version. To those people who are using WhatsApp forked app, don’t be surprised when you are ban. The forked version is not recommended and it’s against their rules, you should use the WhatsApp messenger app from Google Playstore and stay safe.

Some of you are using WhatsApp forked app because of the features. There was a time when I started using the WhatsApp Business app from Playstore. I really like the WhatsApp Business app for my business but after using it for more than a month, I was banned on WhatsApp. I contacted their support team to unban my number on WhatsApp, which they did after one hour of sending the message.

According to WhatsApp, they say I’m using unauthorized WhatsApp app, and I should download the WhatsApp Messenger app. See screenshot below:

Mine was a temporary ban because I’m using the forked version of the WhatsApp app (WhatsApp Business).

Risks Associated With The Use Of Mod WhatsApp App

Do you know there are some risks associated with the use of mod WhatsApp app? Yes, there is.

The forked version of WhatsApp is not safe to use and it doesn’t keep your privacy. Because mod WhatsApp doesn’t share the same authentic servers like the one that is hosted on WhatsApp LLC. from Facebook.

It’s highly recommended to use the normal WhatsApp app which is the “WhatsApp Messenger”. Any other version of WhatsApp is counterfeit.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t trust any app that can’t be found on Play Store. In fact, it is not good to install an app from browsers, Play store and App store is the safe place to download an app.

Most of this forked/modified WhatsApp app can’t be found on the Play Store and App Store.

Below are the risks associated with the use of the mod WhatsApp app.

Risk 1: According to online researchers, the modified version is less secure due to the inauthentic hosted servers. They are more vulnerable to cause damage to users data.

Risk 2: The modified version of WhatsApp is not encrypted and your messages may be read by a 3rd person.

It is dangerous to send any confidential info like Banking credentials, Passwords or any other personal detail which may put your privacy at risk.

Risk 3: It’s against the policies of WhatsApp and you may safe legal litigations.

Using WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp is not illegal but it is against WhatsApp policies. This may trigger the company to put a permanent ban on your WhatsApp usage.

Reasons Why My WhatsApp Is Banned

There are some things you have done that may trigger WhatsApp to ban you. Here are the few reasons why your account has been banned on WhatsApp.

  • Using modified versions of WhatsApp
  • Spreading false information
  • Selling illegal products or services
  • Doing spam on WhatsApp (Sending Bulk Messages)
  • Getting reported
  • Dealing in children exploitation
  • Impersonating other users
  • Sending malware or virus files
  • Spreading hatred, racial comments, etc

There could be any of the reasons listed above for a user to get ban on WhatsApp. The most common among the list above is using the modified version of WhatsApp.

There are two types of a ban imposed by WhatsApp.

Temporary Ban

A temporary ban lasts for few hours or few days. It is to warn the user to evaluate their mistakes. This can happen when you used a modified version of WhatsApp, sending bulk messages, getting reported/blocked, creating groups with unknown contacts and other general mistakes that could be corrected.

Permanent Ban

You should understand this, even without explanations. Permanent Ban is a long-term restriction imposed by WhatsApp. This type of ban is hard to recover.

The permanent ban is imposed by WhatsApp when you used modified versions of WhatsApp even after a number of temporary bans, spreading false news, sending explicit messages, sharing children’s exploitation messages services.

How To Recover Your Banned WhatsApp Account

Here are the guidelines to recover your banned WhatsApp account. With these steps, you will get back your banned WhatsApp account.

Temporary Ban Due To The Use Of Modified Versions WhatsApp

Were you ban on WhatsApp due to the use of using mod WhatsApp app, see solutions below.

  • Firstly, uninstall the mod WhatsApp app (you can backup your chats if it’s necessary)
  • Secondly, open the Google Play Store or App Store and download the WhatsApp messenger app
  • Install and open the app, then register with your mobile number (With the one which is banned)

You will still notice the ban is still present and the timer is decreasing. Once the time is over your WhatsApp is back to normal.

Note: If you didn’t switch to the original version of WhatsApp, the timer won’t start.

Banned For Sending Bulk Messages Or Spamming

If you are banned for sending a large number of messages, see the solutions below.

  • When you open the WhatsApp app, you will see options, click on the support option.
  • You will be redirected to the WhatsApp support page.
  • Here you will find a number of options just click the last one “Your question isn’t mentioned here
  • You see a mail compose page.

Write a mail saying that “I did not know the ToS and also the number is new to my contacts, But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unban me”. You can also try any other message based on your convenience.

Wait for 48 hours and do not register again till then. Try and register again after 48 hours, there are chances that your WhatsApp account will be unbanned.

Banned For Some Basic Reasons

If you are banned for spreading false information/news, sharing unauthentic files, getting reported, etc. You can recover your WhatsApp account by sending a mail to the WhatsApp support team that you were not aware of the mistakes you were making and violating their policies.

Make sure you apologize WhatsApp for the mistakes you have done and ask for your WhatsApp account recovery. There is a chance that you may regain access to your WhatsApp account.

Permanent Banned

If you are banned for child exploitation, explicit content, sharing gore, selling illegal kinds of stuff, racial content, sending messages to an unknown number of people, long term use of forked/modified versions of WhatsApp app and it’s very much difficult to regain access to your WhatsApp account.

The only solution to regain access to your WhatsApp account is by sending a message to the WhatsApp team that you are innocent. And also, if you see a message like “Your number is no longer enabled to use our service“. Forget that account, you can’t gain access to the account.

Note: If your WhatsApp is banned it means that the number can’t use for WhatsApp services. You can register with another number to continue using WhatsApp services.

If you want to contact the WhatsApp support team, you can definitely contact them based on the device you are using the service.


Don’t pay anyone online that’s claiming to unban WhatsApp account, there are no miracles anywhere.

Follow the guidelines above, even after following the guidelines and WhatsApp is still holding your account. Just forget it and register with another number.

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