Are you new to telegram? Or you don’t just know how to enable dark mode on telegram.

That is the reason why I decided to write this post, follow my guides and enable dark mode with a click on telegram.

Dark mode is now becoming one of the best features that every apps developer has taken into consideration. Actually, telegram has not launched the dark mode option, but we can enable dark mode with dark telegram theme.

As we know, telegram has the option to create your theme. I just blogged about how to create your own telegram theme, kindly check the post now by clicking here.

Dark mode is the best option to use at night to save your eye from eyestrain. Dark mode apps can prolong the battery life of your Smartphone.

Google has confirmed that using Dark mode on OLED screens has been a massive help for battery life.

Using dark mode on telegram is a good idea at night, but telegram hasn’t made the option available. I created a telegram theme with black colour.

See the preview of the theme I created;

You can apply the theme on telegram with ease.


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