Adsvim: Make More Than $100 Per Week By Shorten Your Link

I just discovered this website that pays you $1$2 per click when you short your link. Adsvim is the name of the site. I will like to call this website “Short Your Link And Earn“.
Adsvim is the best website to earn dollars for your shorten link.

Adsvim is a new website created for people to earn when you short your link. Don’t call this website a scam. I’ll review everything for you today.

I’ll go straight to the main points. I will explain everything about Adsvim in full details.

What’s Adsvim?

Adsvim is a website that focused on shorting link and also pays you per click. This means when you short your link with Adsvim. You will get $1$2 on each person that clicks that link you’ve shortened with Adsvim.

Do you see that this is interesting? Yes, it’s cool. I can boldly say, you can earn more than $100 on Adsvim.
Adsvim has made it possible for us to make dollars even while sitting at home. Adsvim can’t scam, and they will never scam.

I have a chat with the owner of Adsvim that how legit is his website? He says, he as never scams before, and he will never do.

Do you know that your CPC can increase more than 1$ or 2$? Adsvim CPC depends on where the traffic is coming from.
When someone from the USA clicks on your link, there’s an assurance that you can get 3$ or more per click.

CPC means Cost Per Click. As we know, many online businesses do reduce Nigeria CPC because of fraud. I will advise you to share your link to where the foreign country will be able to click on your link. I know someone of you are in a WhatsApp group with white people.

Advantages Of Using Adsvim

With Adsvim, you can make more than 200$ a day. It depends on how and where you share your link.

  1. This is the best solution for blogger or WhatsApp and Telegram admin to make money just by sharing a link.
  2. Even a student can earn more than 100$ – 300$ daily.

Adsvim as made it possible for you to make money at the comfort of your home. They are the best in terms of shorten link and earn.

How To Sign Up With Adsvim

This is the first step to partake before earning.

  • Visit
  • Sign up with your desired password and Gmail.
  • Verify your Gmail.
  • Congratulations, you have completed your registration with Adsvim.

The second step is to short your link and start earning.

How To Short Your Link Using Adsvim

After creating an account with Adsvim, you will see the option to shorten your link in your dashboard. See screenshot;

Adsvim: Make More Than $100 Per Week By Shorten Your Link

Short your link with the option in the screenshot, then copy the new link that is shortened.

How To Earn With Your Shorten Link On Adsvim

I have mentioned that before in this post. The only option to earn with your shorten link is to share. When you share the link, you shorten on Adsvim, and you get $1 – $2 on each person that click the link.

Your CPC (cost per click) can increase from $1 to $3 because USA CPC is high than Nigeria CPC.

How To Earn Without Shorten Your Link On Adsvim

Do you know that you can earn on Adsvim without shortening your link? Yes, this is possible.
The only way to earn on Adsvim without shortening your link is by Referring. When you refer someone to this site using your referral link, you get a 20% earnings.

  • Open Adsvim on your browser
  • Now, click on the menu at the left upper corner.
  • Tap on Referral
  • Now copy your referral link.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings On Adsvim

After exceeding the minimum withdrawal limits, which is $5. Then you should withdraw your earnings.

  • Click on the menu at the top left corner.
  • Tap on Withdraw.
  • Click on the green button to request for withdrawal when your account reaches the withdrawal amount.

Two Things To Take Note of

  • The minimum withdrawal is $5.
  • The Mode of withdrawal is PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payza and Bank transfer.
    Adsvim: Make More Than $100 Per Week By Shorten Your Link

Watch Video Tutorial For Adsvim


I’ll advise you, readers, to sign up with Adsvim and earn some cool dollars. This site is trusted by more than one thousands people. If you are still doubting, then you lack behind. You can join Adsvim on Telegram by click here
See my earning screenshot;

Adsvim: Make More Than $100 Per Week By Shorten Your Link

I just joined the site, and I have chatted with the owner, so I’m earning more with the website. Join me today. Let’s make cool dollars.

Drop any comment on this post if you are still doubting, ask any questions, and I’ll be happy to answer in the comment section.

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